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To hear the Organ of St. Mary’s Church:

Every Friday (throughout the year) at 12 a.m. within the Prayer for Reconciliation:

This prayer follows the order of Noon Prayer, but includes the Coventry Litany for Reconciliation. (The parish and the church are members of the International Community of the Cross of Nails.)

During Summer Noon Prayer at 12 a.m.:

This prayer is being held from 2nd May to mid of October from Monday to Saturday at 12.00 AM. Normally, the organ is beeing played at beginning and end. Total duration is about 10 minutes. On Fridays we pray the Coventry Litany for Reconciliation.

During Services:

From Easter until Sunday before Advent the organ is being played during most of the Services, which are listed here>.

In Concerts:

A regular concert series has been ceased since 2017, due to the bad condition of the instrument. However, shorter presentations of the organ are possible. Please use the contact details for special arrangements for groups! The organ may also appear during the half-hour concerts on Fridays 6 PM, summer term.

LOCKDOWN 2020/2021:

Until April, the church will be opened for prayer only. Opening times are Tuesday to Saturday 11:30 AM to 2 PM with an extension to 6 PM on Fridays, an on Sundays after service until 12 AM.


Visiting St. Mary’s Organ:

In the frame of the Noon Prayer (from 2nd May to Mid October) it is possible to get a short guided tour of the instrument. At 11.55 a.m. the tour starts at the meeting point in the northwest corner of the nave (close to Mary’s Carpet). Visitors get a brief introduction to the instrument, the playing of the organ can be watched and afterwards it is possible to visit the organ’s interior. All explanations can be given in English.

We kindly ask for a support by giving a donation or purchasing a compact disc etc.

Please note: This offer may be cancelled without further notice (because of deputy players etc.). If you want to be shure that the tour will happen, please contact the organist.

Special presentations for groups:

For arranging such presentations, please contact the organist:

Karl-Bernhardin Kropf
0152-2609 2879

General opening times of the church are found on this page’s footer.

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