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St. Mary’s Church of Rostock and its Organs

St. Mary’s (German: St. Marien or Marienkirche) is the main church of the University and Hanseatic City of Rostock.

A church of St. Mary is first recorded for the year 1232. Since 1265 it is the church of the city council and the pride of the citizens. Strong efforts have been undertaken to give the church an impressive appearance, to save Rostock one of the leading positions among the cities of the Baltic.  The most precious pieces of its furniture are the bronze baptismal font from 1290 and the Astronomical Clock from 1472. In 1451, an organ is mentioned for the first time, and since 1593, organs on the West end of the nave attract the views of every visitor.

Introduction to the History of the Church and Today’s Organ:

St. Mary’s Organ as an Engineering Marvel

Every pipe organ is a huge machine, too…

The Organists of St. Mary’s as Composers

Even if the real big name is missing –
some organists of St. Mary’s published works in print

St. Mary’s Church of Rostock

St. Mary’s is the main church of Rostock. It dates back at least to the year 1232.

More Details St. Mary’s Organ History:

Alterations 1836-1917

After 40 years the wind supply was altered. Later modifications include specification, action and the addition of a Swell division

The Marx Organ from 1793

Soon after completion, first faults of the Schmidt organ became obvious. Julius Ernst Marx of Berlin was called to rebuild the instrument.

The Schmidt Organ from 1770

In 1766, Rostock organ builder Paul Schmidt was commissioned to build a new organ for St. Mary’s church.

Organs between 1452 and 1765

1452 first record of an organ, from 1590 to 1593, Heinrich Glowatz builds a large organ (III/52-54) at the nave’s western end

The Great Organ from 1770

The impressive baroque facade of St. Mary’s organ was completed in 1770 by Rostock organ builder Paul Schmidt.

Organs before 1770

The first record of an organ in St. Mary’s dates back to 1452

Specification 1938/1983

Specification after the last renovation of 1983

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