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The Organists of St. Mary’s as Composers

Even if the real big name is missing… –
Johann Sebastian Bach never was here, maybe young Felix Mendelssohn during his trip to Heiligendamm Bath (12 miles away) –
but some organists resp. directors of music of St. Mary’s church attracted some interest and published some works in print:

Nicolaus Gotschovius (+ 1619):
Collections of larger choral works, up to 12 parts

Daniel Friderici (Kantor, +1638):
Several collections of spiritual choral music, one treatise

David Aebel/Ebel (+1639):
One six-part motet preserved, some music for keyboard instruments (assignment is difficult due to some contemporary authors with similar name)

Nicolaus Hasse (+1670):
The most important composer at St. Mary’s – the preserved organ works are still available in modern editions, moreover he wrote more than 50 songs and music for special events

Eucharius Florschütz (+1831):
Piano music in collections and single editions, two preserved choral compositions

Adolf H. Sponholz (+1851):
Chamber music, songs, music for piano and for organ is preserved within collections.

Joachim Chr. M. Zerk (+1872):
Organ musice preserved in transcripts

Hans-Joachim Wagner (+2000):
A concert for organ and strings and some liturgical choral works are preserved

Karl-Bernhardin Kropf (geb. 1966):
Choral and organ music, foremost for liturgy use, within several collections

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