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Status 2018 – that’s what the organ looks like today

This page collects documents and galleries describing the present state of the organ, as recorded in the years 2009 until 2018.

Are you looking for information regarding the previous instruments from 1770 resp. 1793 (of which some components still form a part of today’s organ), please turn to our History Page>.

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Report on 2009 Symposium published

The report on the experts conference of 2009 has been published. It is supplemented by later findings and developments.

The “Janke Chord”

Following the symposium regarding the future of the organ of St. Mary's church, held in 2009, there was the question, how far there was undeveloped potential within the voicing of the pipes dating from 1938. It was a common opinion…

Acoustic Research of Organ Situation

In the course of preparing the organ’s restoration, a more etailed research of acoustical characteristics of the organ case was undertaken.

10 Years ago: Symposium regarding the future of St. Mary’s organ

In November 2009, experts were invited to a Symposium regarding the future of the organ of St. Mary’s church of Rostock.

Research and Sources

In spring 2019, Martin Dücker researched several sources in the archives of St. Mary’s church.

Examination of Windchests from 1793

The 1793 windchests by Marx under examination

Status Report 2017

This PDf document was communicated to the Parish Council of Rostock Lutheran City Parish

Gallery: Wind Supply

In the Blower Chamber: Blowers, Generators, Reservoirs

Gallery: Console and Action

The console and the electric action to the slider chests date from 1938

Gallery: Levels 5 and 6

Levels 5 and 6 within Organ Case – Vault Area and “Kronwerk”

Gallery: Level 3

3rd Level within Organ Case – Manual I (Positiv), Reservoirs, “Museum”

Gallery: Level 2

2nd Level within Organ Case – New Small Pedal, Principal 16′

Gallery: Level 1

1st Level within organ case – Pedal and Manual II

Gallery: Dimensions

Illustrations regarding dimensions, size and proportions of room and organ

Gallery: Stairway and Organ Loft

The Organ’s Basement and its rear side, Stairway and Loft

Gallery: Views

Views of the organ facade from several positions

Specification 1983

Specification after the last renovation of 1983

Gallery: Level 4

4th Level within organ case – Man. III and Swell (Man. IV)

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