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Gallery: Views

Views of the Organ Facade

The images date from different periods, that is the reason for slightly different colours and image qualities. Images labeled have been provided by Martin Döring and licensed for our use. The large frontal view photograph has been taken by Martin Poley.

Westbound view (2009, before the restoration of transept and side aisles)

Night view of the organ, situation before nave restoration

Eastbound view from scaffold of vault restoration (around 2005)

Eastbound view from with crossing, approx. 2009, when the transpet was still not restored

View from southern aisle towards North-West

Beneath the organ, viewing the rediscovered baroque vault painting

Southbound View from northen organ loft

Mittelachse des Gehäuses, darüber Gemälde von 1768

View towards North-West from the console

32' pipes (from E) in southern Pedal tower

Southern end of casework

Eastbound view towards Altar from the roof of the organ case (Level 6)

Westbound view from roof spire hatch, nave before restoration

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