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The Advisory Board

It develops the concept of the organ’s restoration and later observes its realization.

Traditionally, advisory boards and organ experts are the links between art and craft and their exponents (organ builders) and the customers (parishes, concert venues).


Advisory Board in February 2019 – from left: Friedrich Drese, Jürgen Schlag, Martin Dücker, Karl-B. Kropf, Franz Danksagmüller

Franz Danksagmüller

Professor of Orgel and Improvisation at Lübeck Academy of Music, Visiting Professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Internationally renown performer and composer, often applying latest technologies. Memeber of the advisory board for the organ of St. Nikolai, Hamburg.

Friedrich Drese

After years as an organ builder, he studied church music and worked in this field. In 1997 he became director of Malchow organ museum. Since 2000 he is official organ advisor of the lutheran diocese of Mecklenburg and in same duty for the cultural heritage authority of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state.

Martin Dücker

From 1993 to 2016 Director of Music of Stuttgart Cathedral, Organ Advisor of the Archdiocese Freiburg. Memeber of the advisory board for the translocation and reorganisation of the Walcker organ of Gelsenkirchen Hans-Sachs-Haus concert hall (1927 a. o., IV/93) to Papenburg catholic church.

Karl-Bernhardin Kropf

Director of Music at the Lutheran Cit Parish of Rostock, St. Mary’s church, from 1999 until 2007 lecturer/professor for organ and improvisation at the music academies of Mainz, Lübeck and Graz. 2001 organ expert certificate (VOD).

Jürgen Schlag

Descendant of the organ builder family “Schlag & Söhne”, Schweidnitz/Swidnica, Silesia. Born in Rostock and strongly related to St. Mary’s church since his childhood. Beeing a former TV sound engineer/producer, he was engaged in several organ projects between Berlin and Silesia. His most important work was managing the restoration of the Schlag & Söhne organ of Swidnica Church of Peace (UNESCO World Heritage), Silesia.

Rostock St. Mary’s Church is a listed monument. Regular building conferences unite building experts from church and communal authorities, architects and parish representatives. Those conferences also monitor the organ project.

How the project will be funded and which supporters already are active, can be seen here>

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