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A generous donation of EUR 25,000 was given by the Peter Linder Foundation of Stuttgart
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A generous donation of EUR 10,000 was given by MeckRohr Company on occasion of their founding jubilee.
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Of the fundraising CD “Internationale Weihnachtslieder”, about 250 pieces have been sold this christmas. EUR 1.900 were gained for the organ restorations preparative work.
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October 2021: The investigation of the surface of Organ Casework and Duke’s Loft is completed.
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September 2021: First meeting of the enlarged advisory board, first directions for the future of the project defined
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February 2020: The report of the 2009 Symposium regarding St. Mary’s Organ was published, finally.
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The series of “Impossible Organ Concerts” (named so due to the state of the instrument) had to be halted in 2020 due to the corona pandemic.
But in summer 2020, small half-hour concerts have been set up on Fridays, occasionally presenting the Great Organ. This summer series was  continued in 2021.
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Extended Advisory Board

On 29 September 2021, the first meeting of the enlarged advisory board for the organ restoration project took place. The enlargement was initiated by new bulding laws of the Lutheran Church of North Germany. The members of the former advisory board have been integrated in the new one. This added to the fact that the…

Surface analysis completed

From May to October 2021, restorer Bastian Hacker analyzed the surfaces of the organ, the organ loft and the duke's loft. This analysis will be the base for all decisions regarding the restoation of these surfaces. At a number of spots, the original finish from the building period (1770) has been laid bare under the…

Scaffold for Surface Analysis completed

Scaffolding works for the conservator’s preparatory surface analysis are completed.

Report on 2009 Symposium published

The report on the experts conference of 2009 has been published. It is supplemented by later findings and developments.

Donation by the Peter Linder Foundation

In December 2020, a 20,000 Euro donation was received from Peter-Linder-Stiftung (Stuttgart)

The “Janke Chord”

Following the symposium regarding the future of the organ of St. Mary's church, held in 2009, there was the question, how far there was undeveloped potential within the voicing of the pipes dating from 1938. It was a common opinion that this potential has not been fully exhausted yet. In early 2012, the well-known voicer…

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