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Based on the compact disc “Porträt 2009”, a video has been compiled from still images to the soundtrack of J. S. Bach’s d-minor Toccata BWV 565. It allows a more sensual approach to the instrument. The same applies to the simple video of the organ accompanying a choir.

The audio samples have been gathered from the same disc. The recordings render the colours, but the volume and the distribution of the sound in the church room can’t be reproduced. The microphones were placed on height level of the organ loft at the border between the first and the second vault arch.

New in March 2021: Samples from BWV 552 – see information and link below the videos

J. S. Bach, Toccata d-moll BWV 565

"Maria durch ein Dornwald ging" - Example for accompanying the choir standing remote in the crossing

In autumn 2018, an audio track was needed for Karl-Bernhardin Kropf’s composition “Praeludium ’38 – Ein Vorspiel”.
J. S. Bach’S Prelude in E-flat major BWV 552 (the first organ music at the ogan’s inaugration on Nov 6th 1938, played by Frtz Heitmann) was recorded with microphones placed up in the organ loft. Therefore and due to the already faulty state of the instrument, the pedal registration was mostly done by coupling. The reeds have been borrowed from other divisions.

At the entry of the 2nd theme (00:45), manual III can be heard, it’s echo is played on manual I. It has not been recorded if stops of manual IV were used, too. The samples arranged here shall illustrate a sort-of baroque “organo pleno” sound in slightly different ranges.

D. Buxtehude, Praeludium in D, Beginning:


Beginning of Fugue, on Man. III (with Schalmey 4′), Pedal with Sordun 8′:


Center section (with Holzprincipal 8′ from I, thereafter with Krummhorn 8′ aus I):


J. S. Bach, “Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme”,
Beginning (Solo on II, Accompaniment on I):


J. S. Bach, Fuge BWV 565, Clip:


Final with Imitation of Super Octav Couler


G. F. Händel, Voluntary, Reed Chorus:


L. Boellmann, “Prière” from “Suite gothique”, Beginning (Solo Voice is Gemshorn 8′ on II with several couplers):


Beginning of 4th Movement:

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