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St. Mary’s Church of Rostock

St. Mary’s seen from South-East (Neuer Markt, City Hall)
St. Mary’s seen from North West (Lange Straße)

St. Mary’s Church of Rostock is the main church of the city. First records date back to the year 1232. In the basement of today’s tower and the western wall there is fabric dating from about 1260.

In 1265 the church was named church of the counvil, and until 1279 it was transformed into a three-nave hall church. Around 1290 the rebuild into a basilica with ambulatory began. In 1398, the huge transept was begun and around 1450 the church was completed.

Among the historic gems of artwork are a baptismal font, made of bronze in 1290, the Astronomical Clock from 1472 and an early-baroque pulpit from 1574.

Website of the Church:
Together with St. Peter’s, St. Mary’s Church is part of the Lutheran City Parish of Rostock. Website>

Nave towards East

Pulpit and Duke's Balcony

Detail of Main Altar (1721)

Astronomical Clock (1472)

Astronomical Clock (1472)

Pulpit (1574/1723)

Pulpit (1574)

Pulpit entrance, 1574

Baptismal Font (1290)

Baptismal Font (1290)

Duke's Loft (1746)


Main Altar (1721)

Chapel Window (1899)

Nikolai Altar (around 1430)

Unknown Painting, (around 1430)

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