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Gallery: Stairway and Organ Loft

The Organ’s Understructure, the Winter Chapel, Stairway and Organ Loft

Thes images show the rear of the organ understructure, the stairway through the tower chapels to the left and the loft itself (except the organ console from 1938, which is presented on a dedicated page).

Neighbouring level of organ interior: Level 1>

Central tower hall (winter chapel), back of duke's loft, organ stairway

Eastbound view: The installatiomn of organ and duke's luft separates the tower hal from the nave

Northern tower hall, organ stairway

Next section: Tunnel (about 2 m wall thickness) to the central tower hall.

Next section within the central tower hall: Transition to the balcony's understructure

The balcony's understructure. The small door in the left leads into the abyss today. The right door leads behind the curtain above the duke's loft. There, the color scheme from 1593 is still visible.

View into the framework. The lower beam layer may date back to the organ from 1593

Arrived upstairs: on the opposite (South) there is the console

At the back of one of the northern Pillars, the program of the inauguration concert from Nov 6 1938 is shown...

...and at the right the service sheet of the inauguration service same morning

Southbound view towards console

In the center of the organ loft the remains of the historic console (tracker action) are visible

Console seen approx. from conductor's place

Only few inscriptions of the stop jamb are preserved

Right door with folding mechanism

View from console towards Altar

South-West corner: control box for the slider motors. One can also see the plenty of overlength of action wiring

Motors spares

On the southern wall: Ancestor's gallery

View of the North-West corner close to exit

View into the crossing

View towards Altar

Console and facade (Photo courtesy of M. Doering)

Southern pedal tower above console

One of the 1885 colour scheme Painter's signature

1st chroncile tableau regarding the Schmidt organ from 1777, Northern side

2nd chronicles tableau regarding the Schmidt organ from 1770, Northern side

First chronicle tableau regarding the Marx organ from 1793, Southern side

2nd chronicles tableau reagrding the Marx organ 1793, Southern side

Chronicles tableau regarding the Sauer organ from 1938, Northern side

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