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Gallery: Level 1

1st Level within Organ Case – the Level of Pedal and Manual II

The images have been taken at different times with slightly different situations of the building resp. instrument. The images render a virtual tour from South to North, corresponding to Level 1 on the orientation image. In 2011 a reflector wall has been installed behind Man. II. Some images are older and show the free views onto the back wall of the church.

Neighbouring Levels: Organ Loft> and Level 2>

First Level with Great Pedal, Old Small Pedal and Man.II (Hauptwerk), way from South to North

Heaven's door... Above the Old Small Pedal chest, C-side, beneath behind the left door there are the Heuss control boxes

On the visitor's platform in front of the Old Small Pedal chest, southbound view

Through the opened door, the view goes into the roof above the southern side aisle. This way leads also to the blower chamber

Pipes of Old Small Pedal chest, visible pipemounds of Sordun 8, Clairon 4, Pos. 16, Ged. 8, Violoncello 8, Subb 16

Same spot, view towards South-East, Great Pedal C-side chest, in front: pedal action relays

Platform, eastbound view, facade (32') on the left, on the right Tp 8, Pos 32, Oct 4, Oct 8

Great Pedal, from left.: Tp 8' (1911), Pos 32' (1793/1842), Oct 4' (1938), Oct 8' (1842?), Qtb 10.2/3' (10??), Vln 16' (1907)

Position similar to previous

Trompete 8' (1911?) and Posaune 32' (Marx 1793, boots and shallots 18??, some pipes with starters)

from left: Octave 4', Octavbass 8', Quintbass 10 2/3', Violon 16'

Behind the windchest within an arcade: extension chest d#'-f' with flue pipes

Relays for switching the four pallet magnets for each note

Relays for automatic cut-off of pedal actions to unused (no stop) windchests

One of the condensers blasted due to aging

Northbound view, left: Old Small Pedal, center: Man. II, right: Facade (16'/32'), situation prior to reflector installation 2011

Similar point of view

Southern windchest Man. II, prior to reflector installation (2011), from left: Quintadena 16', Pr. 8', Gemsh. 8', Holzfl. 8' (1842?), Oct. 4', Quint 2.2/3', Rohrfl. 4', Oct. 2', Pr. 16', Mixtur, Scharff

From right: Trompete 4', Trompete 8', Fagott 16'. Principal 16', Scharff III-IV, Mixtur V-VII, Octav 2'…

from left: Gemshorn 8', Holzflöte 8' (Winzer 1842?), Octav 4', Quinte 2 2/3'

Prior to reflector installation: Maintenance walk between windchests of Man. II. From left: Qtd16, P8, Gh8, Hzf8, Oct4, Qt2.2/3, Rfl4, Oct2, Mix V-VII, Scharff III-IV, Prz16 (also facadet), Fag16, Tp8, Tp4

Pipe named D from Holzflöte 8'...

...and pipe named C of Holzflöte 8'. The different style of make has to to with pitch lowering in 1905 down a semitone, needing new bottom C pipes

Bottom C, from left: Quintadena 16', Principal 8', Gemshorn 8', Holzflöte 8'

Tunnel towards West (blower chamber in tower) with four wind channels and cushion for Man II.

View back to South: Lff-note chest for C# (all 1793 chests are lacking bottom C#). From left: Qtd 16', P 8', Gh 8', Hzf 8', Oct 4', Qt 2.2/3'

C# off-note chest, northbound view, form right: Fag 16', Tp 8', Tp 4', Rf 4', Oct 2', Mix, Scharff

Conveyance of Principal 16'

View towards North-East, shortly before stairway to 2nd Level: Great Pedal C# side

Viewa towards South-East at stairway to Level 2, Great Pedal, from left: Vln 16', Qtb 10.2/3', Oct 8', Oct 4', Pos 32', Tp 8'

Violon 16' (1907)

In the arcade behind the chest: extension chest d#'-f' with flue and reed pipes

The same view by daylight

View towards North-East, stairway to Level 2: Traces of bearing structures of the 1593 organ

View towards South-West, stairway to 2nd level (on top the C#-side chest of Man. I), before the reflector installation from 2011

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