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Gallery: Console and Action

Electric Console and Electric Action from 1938

The console from 1938 has widely retained its original condition. The slider chests from 1793 have been equipped with electric action (Barker system with pneumatic motors, much like the common practice in english organs), as well as the cone-chests from 1907. When the cone-chest were replaced by new slider-chests in 1983, the same technology was applied again.

Total view

Only few elements have been renewed

Left stop jamb

Voltmeter and reed cancellers

Crescendo display, stops and cancellers


Right stop jamb

Reight stop jamb, details, Nr. 30, 51 and 52 were unlettered in 1938

Organ builder labels right and left


Fixed combinations

Console side opened

Roller crescendo, original state

Roller with modifications (adhesive tape)

Back of console, combinations switching

Excenter key contacts for couplers

Combinations switching

Two Bosch generators for approx. 18 Volts DC

Pedal action relays

Pallett magnets

Windchest opened

Slider motors (Heuss 1983)

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