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Gallery: Level 4

Level 4 – the Level of Manual III and Swell (Man. IV)

The images render a virtual walk from South to North, corresponding to Level (Ebene) 4 an the orientation image. Manual III is set onto a Marx windchest from 1793 and contains mostly pipework from 1938. The swell has new windchests (1983) and mostly consist of pipework from 1907.

Neighbouring levels: Level 3> and Levels 5/6>

Level 4 with Manual IV (swell) in North and South, Manual III in the center, way from South to North

View towards North-West, on the left southern swell-box, on the right upper facade (mute)

View towards North-East down, lower facade (32')

Stair's upper end, eastbound view, southern Pedal tower: mitred cup of Posaune 32' D, in the background bottom C (8,4 m length)

Northbound view through the upper facade

View upwards northbound, the paiting on the vault (1768) was rediscovered during the 2006 restoration

On level 4, eastbound view, again Pos. 32' D

Above: Mound of C pipe Pos. 32'

View towards North, footwalk on Level 4, swell-box on the left , upper facade on the right

On top of southern swell-box: electro-pneumatic swell shade drive

Visible ranks from back to front, mostly from 1907: Bourdon 16', Principal 8', Salicional 8', Vox coelestis 8', Hohlflöte 8', Zartflöte 4', Violine 4', Gedeckt 8', Octav 4', Quinte 2.2/3' (1938), Waldflöte 2' (1938), Progressio III-IV, Scharff IV, Fagott 16' (1985)

In the northern swell-box


Details, the cable bus belongs to an electric tuning aid

Pipe mounds D# side

Reed pipes (Giesecke 1985, french style) D#-side, from right: Hautbois 8', Trompete (harm.) 8', Fagott 16'

Offset pipes on C-side: Principal 8' and Salicional 8'

Southern swell-box roof, showing the needs of good wood in 1983, recycling of different materials incl. an old mock-up pipe (striped) from 1928

Northbound view, continuation of the way, on the left Man. III with Schalmey 4', on the right upper facade pipes

Man. III, stops from right (all 1938 except Tr. 8', 1911?): Schalmey 4', Oboe 8', Trompete 8', Mixtur IV, Quinte 2.2/3', Octav 2'

Stops (1938) from back : Lieblich Ged. 16' (1842'?), Spitzfl. 8', P.l 8', Ged. 8', Fugara 4', Oct. 4', Ged. 4'

Magnets and motors of Man. III

Westbound view beneath the soundboard: The hardly reachable off-note chest of C#, stops from left: Schalmey 4' (hidden), Ob. 8', Tr. 8', Mixt. 4', Qt. 2.2/3', Oct. 2', Ged. 4', Oct. 4', Fugara 4', Ged. 8', Pr. 8', Spitzfl. 8', Liebl. Ged. 16' (hidden)

Space between the chests with offset pipes

Pipework form left: Schalmey 4', Oboe 8', Tr. 8', Mix

Detail: Liebl. Gedackt 16', Spitzflöte 8', Principal 8'

View back southbound

For the wind supply of Man. III and Kronwerk, there is a tunnel on the level of the 2nd tower platform. View towards East from tower to organ

Gate to the organ, slots for directing wires (clock? bellow treader signal?), below labia of Liebl. Ged. 16'

View towards South: "Pipe Saving Board" left from the central facade pipe

Way up to Levels 5 and 6 - the shades of the clerestory window have recently been opened to let more light into the vault

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