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Surface analysis completed

From May to October 2021, restorer Bastian Hacker analyzed the surfaces of the organ, the organ loft and the duke’s loft. This analysis will be the base for all decisions regarding the restoation of these surfaces.

At a number of spots, the original finish from the building period (1770) has been laid bare under the visible finish from 19th century. A small test area to show how effective a cleaning of the visible finish would be, was applied, too.

A final report will most likely be published here on this website.

Some images from the works:

Magical light - sign of a restorer working!

The coat of arms of the duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin above the duke's loft.

Layed bare: The original finish from 1770 - sort of a creamy white, but meanwhile it yellowed and spotted

A strip with the original surface layed bare.

Layed free: Older finish from 1770 under the surface of the 1880 finish

The surfaces of the sculptures show a more severe detoriation

Copying all carvings

Working space in 15m height

The igth half of the image shows the begin of cleaning works. The guilding is original from 1770. The green/gray layer is the finish from the 1880ies.

Facade view on a November day

Comparison: The inner face of the left pillar's head is the test field for cleaning and turns out a little lighter

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