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A Christmas CD for the Organ’s Restoration!

Available from Dec 1st 2019 in St. Mary’s Church of Rostock (Ask for postal shipping):

CD “International Christmas Carols”

This disc was recorded in 2004, making use of the famous pipe organ built by master Arp Schnitger for St Pancras‘ Church of Hamburg Neuenfelde. It was intended as a support to the organ‘s restoration, and meanwhile the instrument was returned to its original beauty.

The re-edition of this disc shall now help restoring the organ of St Mary‘s church of Rostock!

For the first time, a Schnitger organ was recorded in multitrack mode by computer. Only natural sounds have been used – voices, the organ, some percussion instruments. Electronically modified, the sounds change their spatial response, voices become choirs and the organ turns into a synthesizer…

Jana-Christin Walter is an active singer and music therapist, Karl-Bernhardin Kropf works as organist and choirmaster. Since 2007 both are linked with St. Mary‘s church of Rostock, prior to that they lived in Hamburg-Neuenfelde.


  • 1 Vom Himmel hoch, ihr Englein, kommt (Germany) 02:52
  • 2 Villancico – Baile de Nadal (Spain) 02:08
  • 3 Gabriel‘s message (England) 03:45
  • 4 Guillot prends ton tambourin (France) 03:09
  • 5 Balulalow – Ane sange of the birthe of Christ (Scotland) 02:52
  • 6 Und unser lieben Frauen (Germany) 04:25
  • 7 Taladh Chriosta – Christ-Child‘s Lullaby (Scotland/Hebrides) 04:25
  • 8 La virgen fue lavandera (Spain) 03:05
  • 9 Gaelic Carol – Shoillsich fairge (Scotland) 09:18
  • 10 Mary had a baby (US) 02:22
  • 11 Noel des Rois Mages (France) 03:07
  • 12 Er is een kindetje geboren op d‘aard (The Netherlands) 01:49

Listen to samples of the songs:

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