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Donation of the “Jahresköste” of Rostock’s Tradesmen Association

The “Jahresköste” – a traditional fundraising event of Rostock’s Tradesmen Association (“Rostocker Kaufmannschaft”) will grant EUR 25.000,- for the preparations of the Organ Restoration Project

From left: Member René Geschke, Organist Karl-Bernhardin Kropf, President Tobias Blömer, Board member Prof. Ingo Richter
Photo: Anette Pröber

From the Press information of the “Jahresköste”:

„Since 1265, St. Mary’s was as the council church the pride of the citizens. For more than 500 years, organ music was heard within services and special events. The tradesmen association will contribute to the restoration of the organ.”, says president Tobias Blömer, CEO of „Die Rostocker Wurst- und Schinkenspezialitäten GmbH”. EUR 25,000 shall be granted to the funds.
“We tradesmen take on responsibility for our enterprise, but for the social and cultural surroundings, too. Therefore, with our core donation this year, we want to set an example and contribute to the preservation of church music and to gain attractivity for Rostock.”, Blömer emphasizes.

The Association of the Friends of Church music in Rostock’s Lutheran City Parish will receive this grant to fund the extensive investigations prior to starting restoration work. In october, the experts group will meet again. Presentation of a concept for the restoration project is expected in early 2020.

A video by TV Rostock is available on Facebook>

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