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Meeting of the Advisory Board October 2019

On October 14th, the Advisory Board met for the 2nd time.

Since the first meeting in february, more ideas for the reworking of St. Mary’s organ have been formulated. Martin Dücker provided transcripts of sources, and organ builder J.-G. Schmidt evaluated the baroque windchests regarding a future use. All this was discussed an the trend for the coming work became more clear.

On location, the position of the historic console was widely identified. Some until now unrecognised imprints of the former organ bench were discovered on the floor of the organ loft (which was thought to be renewed in 1938 at this spot). More traces of the tracker action have been identified within the framework above the console’s position.

Then some historic pipes built by Friedrich Friese (1827-1896) and Friedrich Wilhelm Winzer (1811-1886), courtesy of the Malchow Organ Museum, have been provided by director and board member Friedrich Drese for experimental installation within the organ (Winzer is thought to have contributed stops still existing in St. Mary’s organ, the Holzflöte 8′ of Man. II and the Lieblich Gedeckt 16′ of Man. III). The experimental pipes were installed in Man. II and the Kronwerk division and in comparison with the residing pipework confirmed the estimation, that the latter is notably reduced in its power.

Once more, the pipework of the organ was investigated, i. e. the pipes of the 1907 swell division.

Concluding, the discussion continued. The results will be published when appropriate.

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